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LEO/Military Courses

Upgrade your instructors. Train up your units.

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Handgun Mastery

Shoot earlier. Shoot accurately.

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Carbine Mastery

High Speed Marksmanship and Manipulation

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Individual VIP

If you are serious about training and plan on attending TPC more than twice in the next year, you need this package. As a VIP you will be able to train more, get all the VIP benefits, and save hundreds of dollars while you are at it.

Includes one free single class certificate for a friend or family member to attend a class with you.

Battle Buddy VIP

This package was made for the dedicated shooter and his or her battle buddy. You will both receive all VIP benefits without the cost of purchasing two Individual VIP packages.

Includes two certificates to bring two additional battle buddies to one class.


Family VIP

Give the gift of shooting to your family. Designate up to four members of your immediate family to be VIPs. Plan family trips around building shooting skills and exploring the beauty of southern Utah. This can be customized for families of four and larger-sized families as well.

Includes two single class certificates to bring additional family or friends with you to a class.

Corporate VIP

Spend 3 days with your best customer on the range!

Teach your firearms sales staff how to shoot great!

Reward your sales channels with the gift of world class shooting!

Reward your performers. Impress your customers. Spend quality time with your partners. A Corporate VIP package can be an incredible tool for your company and a potentially life changing (or saving) experience to those who attend our courses.

This VIP package includes slots for 20 classes. Students can be sent individually, in groups, or in a private class for 10 to 20 people at our facility.  Outbound training is available with range fees and travel extra.

It is flexible and accommodating. Come all at once or send people as their schedule permits.  This is a great perk for you, your staff, and your key partners.