TPC Staff & Students Dominate 2015 Hard as Hell

December 11, 2015

TPC Staff & Students Dominate 2015 Hard as Hell

Hard as Hell Multigun is currently the hardest match on the 3-Gun circuit. Courses of fire challenge shooters with difficult rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting as well as tough physical challenges and fun stage props. This year’s HaH included climbing walls, shooting from an obstacle course, door breaching, berm climbs, and flashbang grenades.

Tactical Performance Center instructors and students finished strong at this year’s HaH match:

  • Brian Nelson, TPC instructor, placed 1st Overall and 1st Tactical
  • Adam Riser, TPC graduate, placed 2nd Overall and 2nd Tactical Division
  • Samuel Travis, TPC instructor, placed 4th Overall and 3rd in Tactical
  • Dave Shore, TPC staff member and graduate, placed 2nd in Open Division
  • Andy Peterson, TPC instructor, placed 5th in Tactical Division
  • Nelson and Riser, shooting as a team, placed 1st in the Team Shoot-Off

To learn more about HaH, visit the Hard as Hell MultiGun Facebook page.

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