My Path to TPC

January 28, 2015

My Path to TPC

My path to TPC is not the typical one, if there is a typical path to being a firearms trainer.

I am a serial entrepreneur. I dig starting companies, solving customer problems, and beating the competition. I carry a gun every day. I am an avid pistol and multi-gun competitor and through that hobby I found myself running one of the largest ranges, and the largest matches, in the country.

As operator of a range that offered training and had thousands of visitors every year, I was approached by numerous trainers about partnering. I declined. They were good folks, and we still host classes with some of them at the range, but I feel strongly that either you go in big, and best, or you don’t do it. That’s especially true for someone relatively successful already. Why bother… unless it’s worth it!

Then I met Ron Avery. I’d known Ron for about six years, having first squadded with him in a match in Colorado. I measure folks in the shooting world by how they treat my son, who at the time was 11 years-old and just getting started on an incredible shooting career. He was great with Brian: very helpful, a hard worker, and free with his insights on high performance shooting.

So when Ron approached me about training, I listened. I watched him teach–and I became even more impressed. I’ve trained thousands of shooters over the last four years on my own and I saw skill in Ron that I wanted to partner with. He didn’t use drills, he used principles. He focused on each student. And he taught me like the smart grown-up I am.

After discussing and planning for a few months, we launched TPC in January of 2014. We used that year as a test year, to learn about each other, to see what the market held, and to adapt Ron’s training techniques to a broader range of shooting skills. We also invested heavily in the range and in training instructors.

So why TPC? The answer, ultimately, is because the best aligned at the same time and there couldn’t NOT be a TPC. It just made too much sense.

I’m excited for 2015 and beyond and the reasons for my excitement boils down to two things–great people and a great philosophy. Our philosophy? It’s quite simple: we measure our performance through yours. After all, our product isn’t really training, it’s your performance when you get home.

-Ken Nelson, Co-Founder

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