3 Ways to Upgrade Your Glock

August 23, 2016 1 Comment

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Glock

This article was originally published on policeone.com.

Since 1986, the Glock handgun has enjoyed great success with a wide variety of people. Over the years, however, some individuals have complained that the Glock points high, is hard to shoot in the .40 caliber Glock 22 and 23 models, and can be a bit slippery in the hand while shooting.

After many years of shooting 1911-style handguns, the Glock grip takes some getting reacquainted with when I first pick it up. It’s also a bit slippery and I find myself really making sure my left hand sticks to it when I am shooting the .40 caliber defense loads at high speed, particularly the 155-grain and 180-grain loads.

I finally decided that I was going to do something about those issues and selected a few of my Glocks (17, 19, 23, and 35) to have some work done. I wasn’t looking for anything too radical: I wanted better sights than the plastic stock sights, a better texture on the grip, and a smooth, reliable trigger. While the guns I selected are mainly ‘school guns’ that I use to teach students, they also needed to be suitable as home, vehicle defense, and carry guns.

Enter, Taran Tactical Innovations

To get this work done, I turned to Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Innovations. A world-class shooter and shop owner, Taran is no stranger to the Glock and has done a great deal of shooting as well as gunsmithing with them. I told Taran what I had in mind and we agreed: two of the guns were to be set up for mainly CCW and the other two would be teaching guns that could also serve as competition handguns.

The guns I received back from TTI were exactly what I was looking for.


Two styles of grip texturing were applied to the grips. For the Glock 35 and Glock 17, a full wraparound stippling was used to completely texture the grip area and a portion of the dust cover on the left side for the support hand thumb. For the 19 and 23, texturing was done on only the front strap and back strap since full stippling can be a bit aggressive on shirt fabric.

A part of the optimization that is a bit controversial for some is the optional removal of material from the underside of the trigger guard where it meets the front strap. The purpose of this, along with a slight re-contouring of the back strap, is to effectively make the Glock point more naturally in the hand.

The TTI frame contouring definitely improved the feel and pointability of my Glocks. It made the pistols easier to point, easier to shoot, easier to hold onto, and easier to hit targets. I’m sure Glock will void the warranty if you do this particular modification but I am not concerned about warranty issues with my Glocks.


The sights are designed with a slightly narrower notch in the rear along with a slightly thinner front sight with a high visibility fiber optic dot. The rear sight features serrations in the back to cut down glare and a steep scallop in the front to assist racking the slide with one hand.


All triggers were polished and tuned and several extra springs were sent along so that I could make the CCW triggers a bit heavier if I chose.

The teaching/competition triggers were superb–probably the best Glock triggers I’ve ever felt and much more reliable than the aftermarket kits I’ve tried out over the years. In fact, even world champion shooter Robert Vogel shoots with a TTI trigger in his Glock.

Along with the modifications to my guns, Taran also sent along some extended base pads kits. These magazine kits come in a variety of colors and increase capacity by 4 to 6 rounds in 9mm and 3 to 5 rounds in .40 caliber.


After rigorously testing all four optimized Glocks, I cannot see myself shooting any Glock in the future without having TTI do its magic on the gun.

These guns all feel great in my hand; the stippling eliminates the hands slipping on the gun during recoil and the stippling on the front and back strap definitely increases friction without wearing on clothing. The triggers feel magical and the sights are superb. The base pads were absolutely reliable and I could not get them to malfunction.

It’s nice to get a package done on a gun that is exactly what you want and not a bunch of price increasing fluff that doesn’t matter. Taran Tactical Innovations is the real deal and I highly recommend them if you are contemplating upgrading your Glock.


Ron Avery, co-founder

Tactical Performance Center

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Skip Hedgepath
Skip Hedgepath

October 06, 2016

Ron, Can you post pictures of the G-17 & 35 that were improved by TTI? Thanks

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