Carry: Do you and your gear work?

April 23, 2018

Carry: Do  you and your gear work?

You, your gun, your ammo, and your carry holster form a system that needs to be tested regularly so that you can have the confidence it will work when you need to decide if it's time to act to protect yourself or others. 

It's expensive, I know. The test I did for this video cost 8 rounds, and I usually would do more. That is $7 or more of defensive ammo. If I do this 3 to 4 times a month, that's like paying for Netflix... but probably actually worth the money!

Here's something that didn't make the video.... my holster broke right after I put the gun away from the shooting shown here.  A bolt/spacer holding it to its leather backer came out.  I have replacements, and now I know I need to replace it. And I found out on my time, not under threat, or when I'm trying to put the gun away after a defensive gun use. 

In this video, I didn't do a concealed draw. I instead did a string from our TPC Cold 24 test that we have each student do.   

I learned a lot from those 8 shots.... my presentation was slow and to a miss (!).  I can't remember the last time I missed on that... it tells me that I've been working with my teaching guns and not with my carry gun. So I'll teach with it for a while and make sure to put it in the rotation regularly for instructing and dry-fire.

Once I missed on the presentation, alarm bells went off in my head. I knew I was doing a video for 1st take gonna run it, I paced down to a .30 split versus my normal .18 to .22 splits when I shoot this gun at that target size and distance.  I should have shot what I saw and learned from it.   The gun was waiting on me, which isn't what I want. 

8 shots can tell you a lot if you think about them! 

As I say in the video... I know where I am, and I know my gear runs. That tells me... hey Ken... carry, you got this! 

I urge you to test yourself and your carry system regularly - find where you are before you need it!

Ken Nelson
Tactical Performance Center

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