Gear News: The Protos-M Holster from Black Arch

June 28, 2016

Gear News: The Protos-M Holster from Black Arch

While you may not have heard of Black Arch Holsters before, they have just announced a new line of holsters that looks very promising. The Utah-based company states that its new Protos-M holster can adapt to any style of carry–meaning that you can carry concealed, regardless of the season or the situation, without needing multiple holsters.

Logan, UT – June 28, 2016 – Black Arch, a manufacturer of hybrid holsters, announced today the release of its latest product, the Protos-M. Designed to be completely modular, this holster is intended to meet the needs of those who carry daily, train hard, and compete to win.

The Protos-M is able to adapt to any mode of carry (IWB, OWB, and AIWB) by using one of three interchangeable backers. This means that you can carry your gun in different positions and levels of concealment with a single holster. The Protos-M uses a patent-pending ¾ hybrid system, which means that you will experience the exact same draw no matter which backer you use (note: each backer is custom designed and only compatible with a single model of gun).

You can read the full press release here.

We are excited to try this new design for ourselves and will provide a complete review of the Protos-M after we can get our hands on one and test it out thoroughly.

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