Reactive Shooting Science: Calling Shots

May 08, 2018

Reactive Shooting Science: Calling Shots

How do you know where you hit?  If looking at the holes in the target, you are late. 

Reactive Shooting Science (tm) is about getting the earliest shot that is accurate. It builds on the old adage that "accuracy is final".  We believe that... and early accuracy is "early final". 

Calling Shots is a technique for knowing where you hit at the earliest you could know. 

In this video, Ron Avery (our co-founder), describes calling shots using the metaphor of a smart phone and the picture you take of the sights when you shoot the shot. 

Question?  Do you take the picture when you pull the trigger?  Or when your sights lift off the target? 

Both will work, and with the trigger is the "earliest"... but it can be inaccurate if you do not have a great trigger pull.  Using the sights lifting works 100% of the time, but can be a bit slower, especially if you are shooting fast at multiple targets and really want to drive the eyes to the next target. 

Try both... see what works best for you.   And it's always good advice to make your trigger pull better! 


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