Handgun Competition Super Camp Stage Fest (St. George, UT - near Las Vegas)


4 Days of Non-Stop Stage Work!

1-4 November, St. George, UT

FOUR days of in-depth stage oriented training 

We offer a popular Competition Super Camp that is focused on more fundamental competition skills (shooting straight, fast, movement fundamentals).

This camp is designed to give you stage planning, execution and massive stage time in a short period.  For many, a seasons worth of stages in 4 days. 

Plan, Learn,  and Practice on 10 to 12 National Quality Stages

We train at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range, home of some of the largest and highest regarded matches in the world. This range has EVERYTHING and has national quality stages set up for our use constantly. 


    Day 1 - Fire Control and Stage Planning Concepts

    We divide into small squads and get going on immediate fire control tuneups that will get you shooting fast and accurate. That's what the games require, no matter your stage plan!

    Then we go into the classroom and work on the basic principles of stage planning, giving you a checklist to help you never "forget" again!

    After that session, it's on to the stages for 2 or 3 hours of work in small squads on stages (or parts of stages).  We work on driving in the process of stage planning in an organized way you will always remember.

    Day 2 - 3  Stage Stage Stage + Fire Control

    With 8 to 10 stages set up each day + 2 Fire Control stations, you work with instructors on planning and executing stages. If instructors see a fire control issue, they may refer you (or you can yourself) to go tune up at a Fire Control station.   Expect to do 24 to 32 stage runs (or partials) in each day. 

    Day 4 - Match (best of 2 runs)

    Day 4 we roll out into the morning for a match. You will do each stage twice and keep the best run. You will be debriefed by an instructor after each run. 

    The end result is a season worth of stages in a short time, with immediate feedback and corrective prescriptions for stage plans, executions, and fire control issues.  

    Note: We may use video heavily. Be prepared to be seen and dissected by instructors and other students. None harsh, but all direct and to the point. We want you succeed and while we will be polite, we won't be shy giving you things to work on to reach your top performance.


    This course is always led by Ron Avery, World Shoot Team Member 2002, 2014. National L-10 Champion and top level competitor for over 36 years. A world renowned trainer whose scientific shooting system is used by both top level competitors and elite tactical shooters.

    Our squad leading instructors are all top performers and trainers (personally trained and vetted by Ron) who have also passed our instructor course where we focus on teaching methods and student diagnosis and remediation. They will demo how they do it, and then try to get the most out of you. 


    Some experience as a competitive shooter. Completely new competitors should consider attending our Handgun Mastery course. Taking this extra step will prepared you to excel as a shooter/competitor and get even more from this course. BTW: Experienced competitors will also benefit from taking our Handgun Mastery Course.  Our Handgun Mastery Course helps everyone from beginner up to GM's who want to continue excelling on their already impressive skills.

    Required Equipment

    • 2,500 rounds of ammunition
    • All the usual equipment you bring to a match
    • Notebook and pen
    • Desire!

    Ammunition is now available for purchase at dealer pricing from local vendors who visit our range each morning of class. 

    Register at the link above, or here in this handy window.