About Us

We make shooters better. We believe in pushing the limits of human performance. We do this by using expert instructors, one-on-one coaching, and a principle-based approach that builds a system which works well for shooters of all experience levels, sizes and strengths. 

ken nelson director of operations

Ken Nelson – Co-Founder/CEO

Ken Nelson is the CEO and a co-founder of the Tactical Performance Center. He’s an avid firearms trainer (having trained and coached thousands of students), competitor, and match director for the largest competitive shooting events in the country.

Ken is also a serial software entrepreneur–most shooters will know him as the "guy behind PractiScore" (the scoring software used in practical shooting). In Southern Utah he led the improvements and rapid expansion of the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range, one of the largest and premiere ranges in the country (and also a home range for TPC).

Ken's business approach is simple–whether for software, shooting matches, or training academies–have the best product, at a high value, and back it with the best support the customer has ever experienced. His focus for TPC is both course leadership and ensuring that TPC is the best academy at becoming better at teaching excellence with firearms.

Along with co-founder Ron he shares a passion for truly understanding performance, objectively and repeatedly. It was this shared passion, even more than shooting or competing, that brought them together to form the Tactical Performance Center in January of 2014.

Ken is a graduate of Utah State University with a B.S. in Computer Science. He served as both an enlisted soldier and officer in the United States Army. He’s married, for 30 years, with 2 children and resides in St. George, UT.