Agency and Unit Training

TPC Pararescue Firearm Training


NOTE: LEO only instructor classes just scheduled for March and June
Weeklong divided into 3 day handgun and 2 day carbine

100% of our Unit/Agency Customers Wish They Had Come Earlier!


"The Tactical Performance Center has an excellent approach to shooting and teaching. At the start of the first day, my team and I were given three course objectives from the instructors—To make great shooters, shooters that know how to continually improve, and shooters that can improve others. Those objectives were met! My team and I saw major improvements in all aspects of marksmanship and learned additional tools to improve our internal team training. I highly recommend this training to anyone or group that wants to take their shooting to a higher level of performance."
Pararescue Team Leader, TSgt, <name withheld>


"The instructors at The Tactical Performance Center went above and beyond to develop a custom course for our team. They took the time to discuss our goals and expectations and in turn developed a highly-specified course to meet our goals. The level of knowledge demonstrated by the TPC instructors is second to none over what we have experienced at any other team training event. Our team members benefited greatly from the course, regardless of prior skill level due to the principle-based approach of the TPC instructors.

Before starting each day of training the instructors covered the topics from the previous day and at the end of each day the instructors conducted a hot wash to make sure we were on course to meet our objectives and to make certain the principles covered were understood by all the course participants.

I would highly recommend The Tactical Performance Center for anyone interested in increasing their gun handling skills. The level of detail in the instruction was excellent and the live fire drills are designed very specifically to engrain the concepts and skills that the instructors emphasize."

Team Leader
Federal Tactical Team

Experience the Difference

We do not get you better at drills. We teach you principles that apply no matter what you are doing, No cookie cutter, one size fits all training here. We custom make your system to fit your personality, build and existing skills.

We use the science of human performance, peak performer mental skills and proven high performance physical and technical skills to build your performance under pressure.

Advanced Handgun, Carbine, and Integrated Training

We offer advanced firearm and tactical training specifically for law enforcement agencies and military units. Our courses can be taught at your facility or our southern Utah location, two hours north of Las Vegas.  

Training courses will be customized to your needs and can include:

  • Certified 5-Day Advanced Handgun Instructor School
  • 5-Day Advanced Handgun Skills
  • 3-Day Instructor Development Courses
  • 3-Day Reactive Handgun Skills
  • 2-Day Reactive Carbine Skills 

Contact us to discuss training options and schedules.