Carry with Confidence Resource List

Thanks for attending class! Here is a list of recommendations and reminders. Feel free to message us with questions and we hope to see you at a future class!

Carrying & Concealing

Choosing a Gun

  • Comfortable to carry in the clothes you wear, subject to some sizing changes (the gun is going to add size, that is a cost of doing this).
  • Works 100% of the time and you have SHOT IT ENOUGH to know
  • You can shoot it fast and accurate and manipulate it safely.

These are more important than caliber, model, what gun writers write, internet forums, or what your brother "who was a deputy" says.  If it meets these three tests, you are gonna be just fine carrying it with confidence.

Ladies carry options:  




Don't look tactical! Wear normal attire, adapted to support carrying. 

Jackets/Coats:¬†make sure to practice practice practice safely holstering with an unloaded gun BEFORE trying it with loaded gun. ¬†Also, ensure that NOTHING else is with the gun in the compartment, and that the jacket is thick enough to prevent access to the trigger from outside the pocket. Only use if you will COMPLETELY control the jacket ‚Äď as it is on your body. Do not leave on coat hangers or coat checks where others can access.

Vests mark you as different and, if you aren't a photographer with a camera, as somebody with a gun. It's the concealed carry version of open carry. WEAR NORMAL clothes. 

Pocket Carry

Use a pocket holster for the gun of your type. The kind with wings looks "big" but it is better because it keeps the gun stable, flat (prints less), and lets you pull the gun out while the holster stays. It is IMPERATIVE to have one with firm enough sides to keep things out of the trigger. And as with backpack/purse carry, if a gun is in your pocket, NOTHING ELSE IS.

Never ever ever put gun in a pocket alone. And never try to put the gun into the holster while in the pocket. Do it outside, then place as a unit.

Going Forward
Safety never takes a holiday.  

We taught you how to safely load and unload a pistol while keeping the gun aimed always at a safe spot. This is critical if loading/unloading at home. Find those spots and use them. 


  • think about where you are and what is around you
  • identify specifically where you can aim that is safe
  • if you can't, look harder or look wider, and if not, then don't
  • once you have the safe direction/spot, load/unload rotating around the spot

Safety Rules:

  • Treat all guns as loaded... and because they are always loaded...
  • Keep your trigger on the side of the frame unless on target and about to shoot...¬†
  • Point the gun in a safe direction, which never includes ANY PART of you...
  • When you do shoot, know what is behind your target if you miss or it goes through

Avoiding Fights!

  • See more, be seen more!
  • Add vision into your¬†day-to-day routines¬†
  • Think of problems and assess your scenarios with the Tactical Decision Equation incorporating if time is for or against you, what is at risk that matters to you, what resources you have available. Plan these in ADVANCE, which itself practice for when you need to do it urgently.
  • Walk with head up, paying attention and for biggest¬†view.
  • Avoid (or go wide) corners!
  • Obey your safety instincts

Surviving Fights! 

  • Minimize You
  • Maximize Distance
  • If fighting, avoid unknown
  • If fighting, take care at¬†corners (a precise example of very dangerous unknown)

If you use your defensive rights

  • Make sure you are safe
  • Get your gun back to its carry state (concealed or if open carry, back to legal open carry). Replenish the gun if you have extra ammo.
  • Have somebody else call 911. Just ask them too. If alone and time is on your side, call your or a lawyer and¬†follow their advice. If alone and you still feel danger is around, call the police directly - say as little as you can, get them rolling to help you.
  • When police come, obey their physical instructions, be normal. ¬†If they ask questions, defer til you "are less shaken". ¬†They will probably arrest you. At that point, shut up and ask for your lawyer.¬†
  • Everything you say will be used against you, you can count on it. You can't talk your way out of this. That is your lawyers job.

Further Training Options

One of our trainers will also do a private full day carry/shooting class with 1 to 4 people (2 if new to shooting, 4 if more experienced). With prior coordination that will include fitting guns, holsters, and even shopping online and locally for the right setup for you. That can range in price depending on the instructor. Contact to discuss.

Contacting Us

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