Handgun - You're Probably Doing It Wrong

You clicked here because of this:

And I will agree it's pretty cocky statement! 

I can't prove it. You may be the best shooter in the world. I doubt it, because if you were I'd know you. You might even work here. Or if not I might want you to.

I say that because I've seen about thousands of students, and my partner Ron north of 40,000 - and the ones that arrived doing it to their true potential can be counted on one hand. 

The ones doing it to even 1/2 their potential would be in the 10% range. Most people don't have an idea of where they could be - and if their life or duty depends on it, where they should be.

Oh you are police? Well, make that 5%.  You're training generally is good, but limiting, and not designed to make you particularly good at shooting. At least not how we measure it.  That's said with love. We want you to be better. Your agency wants you to be better. So do your family and communities.

So I can't "prove it", but it's true. 

How's this sound?

Call me. Let's talk about where you are, where you could be. Let's talk about your instructors, where they are, and where they COULD get your students to. 

The system we have, which my partner Ron devised over 30 years of intense study and research, is unbeatable for performance under stress. It's also very teachable.  Give yourself, your instructors, your officers, and your soldiers/sailors/Marines the best training they could have.  And encourage them to pass it on.

If it sounds right, come to a class. If you don't think it was worth the trip, we will refund the cost of the course, and cover your lodging to the cost of the same hotel we place our visiting instructors in ( a Days Inn / Holiday Inn Express). 


has our class dates. Pick a date. Come join us!

I can't prove it, but if you can get here, you can find out safely.

Call me... 



Ken Nelson
Tactical Performance Center
May 2018