TPC helps shooters shoot early and accurately (every shot)

How Tactical Performance Center Helps Shooters

Short version for the TLDR crowd:

  • we teach a system based on principles, not a bag of techniques. It adapts to you, and you to it. It is not the same for everybody because everybody is different.

  • we view the mind as important as the body (or more so). We connect your vision to your mind so you think your way through training and practice, and see your way through a match.

  • we offer a series of products¬†based on your commitment/desire. From low hanging fruit to the last 1/2% needed to become a national champion, we have a product that mirrors¬†your commitment.

  • always start with Handgun Mastery where you learn key concepts and principles needed to Train at the pace of Learning, Try¬†at the pace of Breaking, and¬†Perform at the pace of Performance (just below Breaking).

    If that interests you, read on.  Or book a class safely with our no questions asked money back guarantee.


The Longer Story...

The #1 thing we hear from prospective students is "I'm stuck." #2 is "I'm good but don't know why."  #3 is "where can we ship ammo?"

We know, we've been there too!  Everyone goes thru it:

Most of us got decent at shooting by mixing some basic shooting technique with natural athleticism.  Maybe we had some training, which is almost always good, but generally, it was somebody good showing you what they do, and most often not the "why?"

It all boils down to principles. They work, no matter who applies them.


Principle 1 - Vision guides all high-performance human activities. Shooting too!

Vision is your gas pedal. The farther you can see, the faster you can see, the faster you can do anything, including shooting.  But you need guidance on what to see, what to look for, and training on how to see/process what you see faster.  

Handgun Mastery is where all this begins. We cover "seeing what you need to see" and "calling shots." Maybe you call shots. Or do you? A large percentage of people we teach that thought they did, didn't.  

Once your vision starts clicking, we can then get you into discipline-specific vision‚Äďlike "what do I need to see to make a hit at 50 yards".

And later as you reach the higher plateaus develop mentoring, coaching, and semi-private training.

 Principle 2 - Early 

Would you rather shoot earlier than me? or faster? We ask this question at the beginning of every class. Most answer "earlier" and then go shoot using a "later but fast" technique.

Handgun Mastery covers the techniques (and mindset) of doing everything as early as you can. From aiming, to seeing, to recovering from recoil, we teach to do it earlier not faster. Once you have this down for the basic shooting, then we expand it into multiple shots, multiple targets, shooting on arrival to a position, and shooting from awkward positions.


You decide how far you want to go in your shooting skill. You decide your level of commitment personally, financially, and emotionally. There is no RIGHT answer, just your answer. 

Questions? Call or email. We'd LOVE to talk shooting with you.