LE/MIL - Individual Skills Buildup (Handgun or Carbine)


Have our expert marksmanship instructors dramatically improve your officer or troop shooting skill in just one day.  Provide to all or just to those struggling with qualifications or other shooting skill-related issues. This scales up from 12 to 96 students per day.  We can also divide into 1/2 day handgun, then 1/2 day carbine sessions.  Or multiple sessions of 1/2 day (with different students). 

We improve officer shooting skill, confidence with their firearms, qualification rates, and retention with high-quality training they will appreciate. 

Consider pairing with an Instructor Development course for your cadre and they can act as assistants to help them improve their own diagnostic/quick-fix skills.

Let us Take the Marksmanship Wheel for the Day

Your firearms cadre work hard to ensure your officers or troops have great tactical training as well as other unit / duty specific training.  They also work hard to keep up their own marksmanship skills and marksmanship training skills.  The latter, is ALL we do.  So let us do it for you.  Either as a one time boost or as a regular part of your firearms skill building program. 


Most shooting performance issues stem from a poor grounding in fire control fundamentals. This can date back to poor (or limited) instruction at the Academy or POST, and also lack of continuing education in marksmanship fundamentals and practice. 

We use our proven Reactive Shooting System to diagnose and fix student fire control issues so they:

                    finally feel comfortable shooting

Comfort and confidence start the process of eliminating recoil anticipation, blinking while shooting (which restricts vision when they need it most), yanking the trigger, target fixation, and a host of other issues commonly associated with poor shooting.

Once comfortable, we focus on performance improvements for early and accurate first shots and subsequent shots.  First from imminent threat positions, second from the holster.


All your students the same size, strength, and experience? No!  Their hands are different sized. Their fingers different lengths. Their torso and leg ratios different too!   One size, does not fit all. 

We focus on giving each student the approach that works best for their particular attributes.  We do this with a low student to instructor ratio and one on one performance coaching thru the day.


We begin and end the day with a simple firearms skill test (24 rounds). We document the improvement (there always is).  Typically this is dramatic. Our scale goes from 0 to 22.5 (best performance ever).  Most students, even experienced shooters, range from 2 to 5.  We regularly take them to 8 to 12 in less than a day. 


A Plan for Later

We will improve them in the time we have with them.  However, it does not stop there.  We spend part of the time teaching them how to do effective 100 round practices and also dryfire techniques they can do with empty or training guns to get great and permanent skill improvements cheaply. 

Call to discuss

Obviously, this is a big decision.  We urge you to call our President, Ken Nelson and personally discuss how this might be implemented for your department, agency or unit.

ken@tacticalperformancecenter.com /  435 767-1299