Reactive Shooting Science (tm)

Reactive Shooting Science(tm) Program

Ron Avery, Co-founder and Director of Training for TPC, developed his Reactive Shooting Science (tm) program many years ago and now uses this program exclusively through the Tactical Performance Center in St. George, UT.

This program uses the very best principles of science from a wide variety of disciplines as well as Ron’s unique and copyrighted training methodology and scientific concepts that have been proven to be a superior method of training.

Our Reactive Shooting Science Program is the result of many years of work, experimentation, and implementation of scientific principles of high performance specifically geared to reactive shooting with different firearms.

We have pioneered and systematized many reactive shooting training concepts and we continue to improve the program over time to ensure the highest quality training.

Our unique training allows us to apply principle-based training to each student and helps them develop their own style.

A unique part of the program lies in our capability to assess each student, correctly analyze and diagnose problems, determine the correct level and type of remediation for each student and help them learn and grow faster while avoiding the pitfalls of other recipe based teaching methods where one size fits all.  

For instructors, we offer far more detailed information and teaching materials to prepare them to teach in-depth training programs.

For our students going into harm’s way, you will have arguably the best techniques, tactics, and procedures available to bring your reactive shooting skills up to the highest standards.

We have and continue to train everyone from world champion shooters and elite special operations personnel down to beginner and intermediate level shooters.

We have worked with many different agencies and military units as well as individual soldiers, police officer and instructors.

This program is also unique in that the doctrine allows for adaptation into almost any existing program or as a stand-alone course of instruction. This allows you to integrate it into your shooting skills program. We have worked with many agencies and military units to do just that and it has been very successful.

We look forward to working with you and sharing our programs with you.