American Multigun Experience Camp (5 Days - TPC 360 Bulgaria)

American Style Multigun in Europe!

Bring what you have, we provide the rest (including AR-15 or AK-47 carbine) and semi-automatic shotgun and other necessary gear. 

The class includes 4 days of training for:

  • Manipulation, operation and accurate fast shooting with a carbine
  • Handgun Fire Control, Shooting on the Move, and other Competition Skills
  • Manipulation, Operation, Loading, and Fast shooting with a Shotgun
  • Plenty of practice on small stages that are fun and build up skill

This camp is about a fun American style experience in the heart of Europe.  Let freedom ring! 

And then ends on Day 5 with a complete 6 stage American style multigun Match with awards and trophies. 

Learn from some of the best multi-gunners in America...  including  Brian Nelson, Tim Yackley and Max Leograndis.  Aiding them is our talented world class pistol team that also has serious multi-gun skills as well!

What you Need

  • You
  • Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Sturdy Clothing
  • An IPSC or IDPA legal handgun 
  • Semi-Automatic or Pump Shotgun
  • Carbine  in .223/5.56 or 5.45x57
  • 1500 rounds ammunition for carbine (see below for cost onsite)
  • 2000 rounds ammunition for handgun (see below for cost onsite)
  • 300 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition (see below for cost onsite)

Gear Options

We can provide an entire setup or add just what you don't have (or aren't allowed to own).

Gear is available for rent at $7/day per gun from Range 360.

Ammunition (9mm,12 gauge,.223/5.56 or 5.45x57) is available as well from Range 360 (contact for pricing, it fluctuates with market).


The camp is hosted at Range 360 in Bulgaria ( 
Lodging is available at the range, first come first serve (contact to reserve).
Their website also has Travel information on how to get there via car, train and plan, as well as firearms regulations (minimal).