Handgun Combat Master Training



Duration: 5 Days

Lead Instructor: Ron Avery

Round Count: 2,500 Rounds

The TPC Handgun Combat Master Training program is designed to take your gunfighting shooting skills straight to the top of the charts.

We have the highest shooting standards in the industry. You will be measured against true world class performance to see where you truly are. 

This is a tactical shooting package and not a competition-oriented course. We examine performance with a microscope: no stone is left unturned as we systematically get rid of wasted time, motion, extraneous thought processes, inefficient visual processing, and limiting beliefs.

Then we work on shooting skills, tactical applications, mindset, and performing under pressure. We shoot from extreme close quarters out to 100 yards. We shoot from concealed and open carry and use various cover and concealment types.

If you perform well in this course, you will be part of an elite group of shooters who have superior shooting skills to students of any other training institution.

This is an elite course and requires pre-qualification for acceptance. Call us prior to purchasing this course.

We will mostly work from open carry type rigs. There will be concealed carry training and testing as well. 

Feel free to bring more than one gun if you wish to train with different types.

Required Equipment

  • Handgun: suitable for extended shooting shooting, light carry trigger no less than a 3 lb. trigger is recommended.
  • Ammunition: 2,500 rounds, minimum power factor of 130.
  • Holster: no "competition-only" holsters that are unsuitable for everyday carry. Feel free to bring several and work with them all.
  • Garment for concealed carry