Handgun Mastery (Level 1-4) (3 Days St. George, UT)


Learn to shoot like great shooters shoot

All new students start at Reactive Shooting Level 1, which introduces the Purposes, Principles and Techniques of a high-performance Fire Control Triangle, the Reactive Shooting Cycle, and driving your shooting speed with Vision. 

Level 1 students leave with great skills improvement as well as detailed knowledge of the system they can use to continue improving when they return home.

Returning students progress thru these levels, with Lead instructors checking off that level standards are met before progression:

  • Level 2
    • The high speed and accurate draw 
    • high-speed shooting to 7-10 yards 
    • multiple targets   
    • shooting on arrival 

  • Level 3
    • Shooting on the Move
    • Strong hand / Weak hand
    • 10 yard to 50 yard targets
    • Advanced visual concepts

  • Level 4
    • Custom objective based performance coaching
    • If LEO or Military, instructor techniques for teaching Reactive Shooting.

At the class, those working on a particular level train together. A typical class will have new students working Level 1 skills, and groups or individuals working with instructors on Level specific skills, or preparing for a rating test (typically conducted after class in the evening or the next morning).

Mastery Rating System

Students checked off as Level 1 are eligible for the Tactical Performance Center Handgun Mastery Rating System, where they can rise thru rating ranks of Marksman to Distinguished Master.   These are challenging ratings, even Marksman, that are measured against the best shooters in the world.  We provide you with hats, patches, and shirts to congratulate you on earning a rating.

It's hard, you earned it.

The ratingsystem uses 3 tests:

  • instructor check-off of proper execution of skills
  • TPC Cold 24 Test (done after no-shooting for at least 2 hours)
  • TPC 60 Round Mastery Rating Test. A challenging test from close quarters to 50 yards. 

This is not a qualification, it is a rating against the best who have performed these tests. All are scored on a points per second basis and given a % rating of the highest performers. For ratings above 85% (Master and Distinguished Master) no misses are permitted. 

All of these levels build on the framework of our trademarked "Reactive Shooting System". 

Reactive Shooting System Elevates You And Grows With You

Our Handgun Mastery course uses our proven Scientific Shooting System to combine the science of performance with the best shooting techniques in the world. Beginner, intermediate and advanced shooters will realize immediate performance improvement as we show you how to use these principles in your training program.

We don't just teach you technique. We teach you how to use our system to build your own personal shooting system that is unique to you. We provide you with proven principles of performance as well as knowledge of how to practice, how to measure your skill, how to grow your skill. Proven mental training, conditioning, and strategies to help you become a stronger performer under high pressure conditions. 

This process is right for you if:

  • You want to be a much better shooter, for self-defense, duty, or sport
  • You want to rapidly improve your shooting skills
  • You want to learn how to practice effectively for continued improvement
  • You have reached a performance plateau and are stuck
  • You want a system that is tailored to you
  • You are a law enforcement, military, or civilian trainer and want to improve your program

 What We Teach

  • The Fire Control Triangle: Grip, Platform and Trigger and how to stay in control when shooting at high speed.
  • The Reactive Shooting Cycle and how to use it to analyze your shooting, grow your skills and reach your true potential as a shooter.
  • Advanced visual concepts to speed up first shot target acquisition as well as processing shots during multiple shot sequences
  • Advanced drawing and target acquisition - Learn to draw and shoot faster and better than you ever have before. 
  • Multiple target engagement - Learn how to engage multiple targets with accurate hits in absolutely minimum time.
  • How to practice, what to practice, and how to set up a training program
  • Using video to increase your performance
  • Setting up guns and gear for high performance shooting
  • Advanced mental training skills and strategies for performing well under pressure. 


    This course is held at our facility at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range (click for map)

    Required Equipment

    • Handgun suitable for extended use each day
    • 1,700 rounds of ammunition
    • 3 to 6 spare magazines and magazine pouches/holders
    • Holster and sturdy belt
    • Eye and ear protection

    Ammunition is now available for purchase each class by local ammo suppliers who give you dealer pricing.  We do not sell ammo, our interest is getting you the best deal we can.  DoA Ammunition or Peak Performance ammunition meet the class each morning to supplement ammo needs.

    Safe Purchase Promise

    We offer a no questions asked refund policy. If you can't make it, let us know and you can reschedule or get a refund. 

    Also, in the US, if we schedule a class in our base locations (St. George, Linden) , it happens, even with 1 student. 

    If you are not satisfied with your class afterwards, we offer a no questions asked refund policy.  Well, we may ask questions, but mainly to sort out where we went wrong.