This Instructor Development course teaches the scientific shooting methodology we use to rapidly create superior performance in our Carbine Mastery course. 

Strengthen Your Agency/Unit

The focus of this course is on instructor skill development that you can immediately incorporate into the existing programs of your agency or unit. This class is designed to be highly flexible so that we can emphasize the skills you want to focus on and incorporate into your training program.


This class covers instruction skills, content analysis, drills and exercises, evaluating student progress, shooter analysis, and remediation. We shape the training for maximum effective deployment of the carbine in lethal force situations. From carbine selection to proper gear and setup, we show you how to maximize your students' skill and confidence with a carbine.


While we do offer certified instructor programs, this program does not certify you as an instructor. The sole focus of this class is to develop your skills as an instructor. If you wish to attend a certified instructor level program, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs. 


You must be a full time law enforcement officer and state-certified firearms instructor with credentials or active military with certified instructor status teaching non-profit firearms training.

We do not currently train for-profit instructors at this time.


This course is held at our classroom at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range (click for map).