Multigun Mastery (3 Days)


This is an intensive three-day course for the intermediate to advanced 3-gun shooter. We expect students to have solid fundamentals in stance, grip, and sight alignment. This class is designed to elevate your 3-gun game for major match placement.


You must have shot matches (club or bigger) prior to attending class.  

Required Equipment

  • 250 rounds long-range rifle ammo (accurate is the priority, don't care about weight/velocity but 1MOA or better)
  • 500 rounds cheap rifle ammo
  • 750 rounds handgun ammo
  • 250 birdshot
  • 10-15 slugs
  • Students should bring solid gear to this match that has been tested, zeroed, and ready to go. The range will be available the day prior to class to help set these things up if you need. Please coordinate with us if you plan to come early.

    We understand that equipment failures happen in this sport but if your gear isn't reliable, fix it ahead of time. We want to improve your performance at major matches so treat this class the same way.


    Class will be held at our classroom at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range (click for map).