Private Training with Brian Nelson

  • 1 Person:  $500/Day
  • 2 People:  $300/Day/Person
  • 3 People:  $250/Day/Person
  • 4 People:  $200/Day/Person

Work with one of the best 3-gun competitors in the world and take your skills to the next level! Brian Nelson, TPC instructor and pro shooter, uses our scientific shooting system to teach high performance shooting. 

Brian's client list includes competitive shooters, law enforcement agencies, military units, and clients from all walks of life. No matter your background or level of experience, Brian will work with you to help you rapidly reach your goals.

Private training is the best value for your time and money. It is focused on your needs and building your shooting system. We make use of video analysis, shooting drills and exercises, and a flexible curriculum that can be adapted to focus on any skill that you need to spend more time on.

Private training is provided at our home range in Southern Utah unless other arrangements are made in advance. We will contact you to discuss your needs and goals after booking this training.